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One of the sections in the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) is Physical Recreation Activity Component. The objective of this section is to encourage participants to be involved in physical activities, which in turn encourage students to live a healthy lifestyle.

According to the award criteria, students MUST be involved in a physical activity in order to achieve a Gold award or Silver Award or Bronze Award.

The difference is, for Gold Award students will have to attain a minimum of 40 hours in a sport within the stipulated period of 12 weeks. For Silver Award, participants MUST achieve 30 hours in 10 weeks while Bronze Award, applicants have to log in 20 hours over 8 weeks.

Bronze Award 20 hours over 8 weeks
Silver Award 30 hours over 10 weeks
Gold Award 40 hours over 12 weeks

One major mistake most students did was to log in the total number of hours on the last week. For example, for Bronze Award, student “A” clocks all 20 hours on the last week (8th weeks). By doing so, student “A” has FAILED to achieve this section.

The reason is as stated,

Student “A” has NOT demonstrated that he/she has developed a sense of healthy lifestyle mentality.

According to the world Health Organisation, to be physically active, ones need to take part in a physical activity at least 3 times a week with a minimum accumulative duration of 60 minutes.

Taking part in competitive or a non-competitive sports activity like Tennis Lessons will help students develop mechanism to cope with stress & many challenges in their lives. This is in line with the NYAA Award Criteria.

Epic Tennis Academy has specially designed programmes that will assist students to achieve the award systematically.

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Type of Award

Award Criteria

Type of Programme

Bronze Award

20 hours

over 8 weeks

2 months

Beginner Tennis lessons

1.5 hrs x 2 times per weeks

Silver Award

30 hours

over 10 weeks

2.5 months

1hrs x 3 time per week

Gold Award

40 hours

over 12 weeks

3 months

1.1hr x 3 time per week