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Benefits of Corporate Tennis Lessons

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Tennis Lessons for Companies

Tennis is one of the best sports that can be played not only by friends or families but also by office mates in a corporate company. Like golf, tennis is an enjoyable sports game that is enjoyed by co-workers and/or by employees and their bosses.  Read on to learn more about how beneficial tennis is in players from corporate companies.

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Relieves Stress

The social nature of tennis makes it an effective stress buster and an energy booster. Office workers are more likely to play tennis for recreational or intramural purposes rather than play it for competition’s sake. Tennis allows office mates to develop strong bonds and trust one another, especially when a game of doubles (which involves four people in total) is played. Tennis clubs allow officemates to take time, relax and enjoy the company of one another and also talk and laugh with their friends in the office. This way, the stress of having a heavy workload in the office would be much lighter and easier to handle.

According to an article in a 1996 issue of Tennis magazine, tennis helps relieves stress because of its so-called ‘interval-like training’. This training simply means that tennis can be played at different intensity levels, also known as ‘intervals’. Therefore, it does not force your mind and body to perform at its best, like what basketball or baseball often do. Rather, your tennis coach will assess your skills and give you the kind of training wherein your body would naturally adapt to the stress level of the sport.

There are many different kinds of programs that TennisCoachSingapore promote.

  • One of these is Cardio Tennis, a type of tennis program wherein you play through warm ups, high intensity periods, and end with cool downs just like in a fitness class. You’ll meet a lot of health-conscious people that are supportive and enjoyable to be with.
  • The other is a Tennis Lessons and a Personal Training Programme by our Instructor.

Exercises the Body

Office work keeps employees’ minds busy, but their bodies are often left stagnant and unused. For instance, customer representatives usually sit down for hours while serving their clients on the phone. Bankers always stay in their offices, traders always on the PC monitor for hours. Jobs that require employees to be seated for many hours do not allow the blood to circulate and bring nourishment throughout the body, which is obviously a big health threat. With this said, playing tennis during the midweek and the weekends help rejuvenate the body and facilitate efficient blood circulation. It also stimulates the release of endorphins – chemicals that make a person feel good, happy and energetic.

Check with your building management as most of the office towers in shenton way or orchard road have at least one tennis court in. Book the court and engage a coach from

Opens Business Opportunities

If you are in a high position in a corporate company, why not use the tennis court located in your building rather than the usual golf session. Thereafter, your client or business partner can adjourn for meeting or food reception. They will have the opportunity to view your office and understand the working environment.

Meeting new people from the corporate world and playing with them in a tennis game can develop new business relationships which can be beneficial for both of your companies. Also, if you have learned that an important potential client of yours is fond of playing tennis, why not invite him to your office to play tennis instead of bringing him elsewhere?

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