Tennis Lessons Singapore

Holiday Tennis Programme

School Holiday? Any plans for the kids? Will they be bored?

Besides going on a short holiday, children usually stays at home while the parents are away working – They will play computer games, hand phone games, Ipad games, X boxAre these Good?

Are computer, i-pad, i-phone Games good for our kids? Will your children gain any knowledge that will help them in Developing Mental or Physical Skils?

Can this Holiday be a fruitful one for your kids?

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  1. Tennis helps to Empower your child’s Body.
  2. Tennis helps to Boost your child’s Brain.
  3. Tennis helps to Develop your child’s Personal and Social Skills.
  4. Tennis helps to Strengthen your child’s physical & mental health.
  5. Tennis helps to fulfill the component of  National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA).

Holiday Tennis Programme for Students

Type of Programmes : Private Tennis Programme at Condominium or Public Tennis Courts in Singapore No. of Session: 10 session

Fees: $35/session Group (inclusive of certificate)

Special Holiday Rate: SAVE $120 during non-peak timing (weekday between 7 am to 5pm)

Topics:    Ready – Prepare to Hit – Follow ThroughSign-up NOW

  1. Tennis Rules and Regulation
  2. Tennis Equipment – balls, proper tennis outfits/attires, selection of rackets
  3. Ball sense – throwing & catching and Strengthening of arms & legs
  4. Proper Tennis Grips – Semi-western forehand / Eastern forehand, backhand.
  5. Coordination – Eye – Arms – Legs
  6. Basic Footwork-Sideways, forward, backward movement
  7. Basic Ground Strokes – single/double forehand / backhand drive
  8. Basic Under hand/arm service – Toss-Bounce-Hit / Over head Service – Catch the Fly Ball
  9. Basic return of Serve
  10. Basic Volley – Forehand / Backhand
  11. Scoring System / Umpiring

 Ready – Prepare to Hit – Follow Through – Sign-up NOW

Our Kids have a Great sessions with Coach Eddie, he has excellent court management. All the kids were actively involve throughout the entire session. – Felicia, Mother of 2 June’ 12 Holiday Tennis Programme 

Excellent Location, I was able to do some grocery while the kids were having tennis lessons. – Patricia, December’ 12 Holiday Tennis Programme 

My Boys play tennis and I managed to exercise; Great Workout for me! – Mike, June’ 11 Holiday Tennis Programme 

Managed to complete my NYAA Award and also learned to play and appreciate tennis! – Lyn, JC Student June’ 11 Holiday NYAA Tennis Programme