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Health Benefits for Learning Tennis

Health Benefits

Many people play tennis because of their favorite tennis superstars. Such as Roger FedererRafael “Rafa” Nadal PareraWilliams SistersJustin Henin, Maria Sharapova

But, nothing beats the number of players, both beginners and experts, who play tennis for optimum health and fitness. If you’re looking for reasons why tennis is one of the best sports for a better health, your search is over. Here are the top 5 benefits of playing tennis related to health and fitness.

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1. Coordination, Balance and Flexibility in One Sport

One of the key advantages of playing tennis is that the sport demands the use of your entire body. Your arms and hands coordinate to come in contact with the tennis ball, while your legs and feet need to be fast and flexible in order to return the ball to your opponent. Your torso also works with your arms and legs to bring out the greatest power you can provide to send the ball over the net.

One most common question is “when do we start learning Tennis ?” In order to have the maximum benefits of improving coordination, balance and flexibilities, TennisCoachSingapore would recommend to start as early as possible that is why we recently started the Tennis Lessons for Kids programme. One of our main objective is to instill a sense of fun component in the tennis game so that kids will not only understand the basic Games Rules and Regulation, they will also improve their coordination, balance and flexibilities.

2: Brain Power, Tactical Thinking and More

Tennis does not only enhance the physical health of players; it improves your brain power while playing. Before you can hit a ball and send it over the net properly, your brain cells called neurons send information to and from your brain about the ball coming towards you, and how your body should react on it. Therefore, playing tennis regularly exercises neurons, making them faster in receiving and sending brain signals game after game.  Also, research studies show that people who play tennis regularly possess enhanced creativity, strategic thinking and planning skills.

3. Anti-Heart Disease

According to the International Tennis Federation, playing tennis lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure levels. The sport also helps maintain ideal body weight and reduce stress. These health benefits lead to a lower risk of heart disease. Health Study conducted in the 1980s also proved that exercises that allow a person to burn 2,000 calories a week lower the risk of dying from heart disease by 25% to 33%. With regular play, tennis can help you burn 2,000 calories every week to prevent heart disease.

4. Bone Health

Your brain and muscles aren’t the only ones that can improve by playing tennis. Did you know that you can prevent bone loss and its consequences when you play tennis? A person’s bone mass increases until he reaches age 30, and starts to decline after this age. To prevent osteoporosis and other diseases related to fragile bones, playing tennis before age 30 is ideal. But if you’re over 30 years old, you are still encouraged to play tennis to improve the health of your masculoskeletal system.

5. Weight Loss and Maintenance

Need to burn your extra body fats? Play tennis!

Because it uses the whole body during a game, tennis will help you burn your unwanted fats through running and swinging. A man burns around 600 calories per hour of playing singles tennis, whereas a woman burns about 420 calories. For example, if your target is to lose half a pound of fat per week, you will need to play 3-4 hours of tennis every week.

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