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How Tennis started has done some intensive research on the history of Tennis. By doing so, we hope that new learners will have a better understanding of how tennis has evolved, from the olden days of using wooden racquet, to the modern day equipment and facilities. We hope that this will also generate interest among younger learners. Read more on the history of tennis.

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How do I get started

These are some of the most common questions Beginners have asked.

Q: Should I get a tennis shoe?

A: There are plenty of tennis shoes in the market, for eg, Nike, Adidas, Prince, etc,  so which to choose? It is up to the player as long as it feels comfortable. Read more about Tennis Outfits

Q: Can I wear running shoes?

A: Safety is the basic reason why, we do not recommend running shoes. A tennis shoe has a thinner sole as compared to a running shoe. The latter is designed to give full cushion support, whereas the former is designed to give full lateral support. Hence tennis shoes are preferred, while court shoes reduce the risk of sprains and ankle injuries as compared to running shoes. Click to read more about Tennis Shoes

Q: Which tennis racquet should I buy? How do I choose the correct tennis grip?

A: The most important equipment for beginners is a racquet that’s within your budget, and choosing a grip that fixes your hand. Click on the link to understand more on racquet selection: Tennis Racquets 

Q: Which Tennis Ball should I use?

A: Many beginners do not understand why there are numbers printed on a Tennis Ball. Is there a difference between training balls and competition balls? Why are there different colours? Can I choose my favourite colour? Not surprisingly, even some seasoned players have no knowledge of this. Coach Ming and Coach Jen have written articles on this here: Tennis Ball & Tennis Racquet 

Q: What should I wear for Tennis Lessons?

A: You can wear anything decent and comfortable. A simple rule if that whatever you wear, you must not bring harm to yourself, to others, or to the organisation (Tennis court rules and regulations). We strongly advise all players to wear covered attire to protect against sunburn. Read more about proper Tennis Outfits

Q: How can I book a tennis lesson?

A: The quickest way is to email and fill in the sign-up form so our admin team can get back to you within 12 to 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call us and leave your requirement.

Q: Where will the lesson be conducted?

A: Most of lessons are conducted at the players’ venues, or at Singapore Sports Council Tennis Centre, schools or at clubs.

Q: Do I have to pay for the booking of the venues?

A: Yes, all coaching fees DO NOT include the tennis courts bookings.