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Benefits of Ladies Tennis Lessons

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There are a lot of sports out there that can be played by ladies as a recreational activity, as a professional career or BOTH. While male players still dominate the tennis field, there’s no denying that thousands of ladies rock the tennis court today.

We see Sharapova, the William Sisters and other female tennis superstars grace the courts with their powerful shots and stylish outfits. If you’re inspired to play like these gorgeous female tennis players, you are never too old to start tennis. Here are a few more benefits of getting tennis lessons for ladies to convince you.Ladies learning Tennis

Lose Weight and Maintain It

It’s time to get your eyes off those crash diet programs and risky diet pills. Learning Women Tennis is a much healthier way to deal with obesity or a figure that’s a bit far from your ideal body. Do you know that you can burn 420 calories when you play singles for just one hour? Now that’s just about the same as weight lifting or gym workout, only that tennis is more enjoyable to play with your tennis friends.

Studies show that women aged 18 to 34 who learn and play tennis are at the least risk level for obesity than women having a sedentary lifestyle or even playing a sports game, but in a team-oriented one. And, the good news here is you don’t have to play like Serena Williams to get that perfect body, because research reveals that you’re likely to have about 4% less body fat than non-tennis players! What’s more is that once your body ‘thinks’ that you’ve lost enough fat, it will then focus more on improving your muscles, thus maintaining your weight in its normal range.

Breathe in, Breath Out

Tennis is classified as a high intensity exercise or a vigorous activity, because students are to consume a high oxygen level when playing. Because learner consume 50% to 80% of the maximum amount that a person can use when doing an intense exercise such as tennis, you are included in the group of people who have reduced risks of cardiovascular disorders, strokes, high blood pressure-related illnesses, diabetes, and even cancer.

Lower Your Health Risks

Generally speaking, women are more prone to osteoporosis and other bone diseases than men. Osteoporosis involves the frailty of bones because of declining levels of bone density, which in turn is caused by aging and low bone calcium levels. Studies show that women who play tennis for recreational purposes have enhanced bone density by more than 5%, especially in spinal and hip areas. This means that female tennis players have lower risks of experiencing osteoporosis than non-tennis players of the same age. Also, tennis improves cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health in women.


The great thing about getting tennis lesson for ladies is that you’re most likely to meet other female players. You’ll be able to have tennis buddies and form meaningful friendships with them. While resting from a tough play with your tennis buddy, you can talk about things outside tennis such as work, family, hobbies other than tennis and many more. It’s not only a fun bonding moment, but also definite stress buster.

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