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Benefits of 1-1 Private Personal Tennis Coach

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1 to 1 Private Tennis Lesson

Basically, there are two kinds of beginners in tennis – one who wants to learn and play for the sake of a recreational activity and the other who would really want to play in formal tennis tournaments and is planning to turn it into his professional career.

The former can enter any type of tennis lesson programs; however, the latter who’s likely to be more serious in learning and playing tennis really needs to undergo private personal  session, otherwise known as the 1 to 1 private tennis lesson program. Here are the benefits of choosing 1 to 1 private tennis lesson over any other kind of tennis programs.

Pro Tennis Coach

Voice Out Your Goals

What do you want to achieve in playing tennis? Why do you want to play tennis in the first place? These are the questions you can discuss with your coach. Once you tell him your answers to these queries, your private tennis coach can create a customized tennis program tailored for your goals, needs and current skill levels. Undergoing 1 to 1 private tennis lesson is thus beneficial because you know that the tennis lessons suit you, according to the ‘clinical eye’ of your private tennis coach.

Experience Professional Tennis

Having a coach of your own is very advantageous because he’s the right person who can guide you in every tennis lesson and facilitate you in correcting any mistakes in tennis strokes, feet movement, and other aspects of play. Your coach will be able to teach you how to play tennis properly and monitor your progress from time to time, unlike when having group tennis lessons where the coach’s attention isn’t totally focused on you.

Personal Coach

Train Under an Expert

Training on your own might not keep you on the right track as much as having a private coach would. One to one private tennis lessons means being able to learn fundamental tennis concepts and to perform conditioning, warm-up exercises, footwork, strokes, tennis drills and more in an organized and rightly paced manner as monitored by your coach. This implies that you’ll have no time for procrastination, laziness, wrong techniques and other things that would hold you back. Also, if the stress of learning tennis gets to you, you’ll have your private coach right beside you to motivate you, reorient your mind and gear it towards progress in your play.

Play like a Pro

We don’t usually see tennis superstars playing in groups or in dating couple settings. Well, it’s given that you can’t really put all your concentration to the sports if you’re in the court laughing and bonding with your groupmates or having a tennis match with an exchange of cheesy lines with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Because tennis is their professional career, tennis pros really need to have their tennis lessons and drills in private – just them and their own coaches. If you would like to develop that kind of discipline they have and eventually play like them, sign up for a 1 to 1 private tennis lesson with an ideal tennis coach who can guide you from being a zero to becoming a tennis hero.

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